About Us

A. S. Wright, Swag Boutique Owner


Greetings Everyone!  I would like to first introduce myself, and then tell you a bit about how The Sugar Shak Collection came to be.  

My name is A. S. Wright and I am the proud Owner / CEO of The Sugar Shak Collection.  I am a dedicated mother, sister, daughter, friend and proud U.S. Army Veteran, having served multiple tours of duty stateside and overseas.  

After a severe head injury, I began suffering from terrible migraines that continuously laughed in the face of every different medication my neurologist prescribed for me.  At one point this was my life: 5 different medications + a weekly standing appointment at the neurology clinic = pure misery. 

I had really reached a turning point when I was about 4 months pregnant with my son, and I literally had a migraine for 3 days.  I thought I was going to die, I couldn't even see straight.  I managed to get myself to the emergency room and they had to give me morphine for the pain....that was my wake up call. 

It didn't take a medical degree to tell me hard core meds + pregnancy wasn't good.  That encounter shook me to the core and I began researching natural alternatives, something has to give!  I was desperate to find something that worked!  I'm talking about, put a brown paper bag on a baby's forehead when they have the hiccups kind of desperate!  

I began studying the health benefits of using essential oils with natural clays and butters.  I checked the labels and most (if not all) of the health and beauty products I used contained lots of chemicals, half of which I couldn't even pronounce!  No wonder I felt like crap, I was putting crap on my body which was ending up IN MY BODY! 

I started mixing my own products, infusing natural butters and oils with essential oils to use in the bath and as a body moisturizer, so that it would be naturally absorbed into my bloodstream.  I began to experience a drastic difference in my health and was feeling great!  I used only natural products handmade by myself from that point on, and I've never felt better all these years later!

One day a friend came over and asked me to make her some butters to heal her dry skin.  And as the story goes, the rest is history!  The Sugar Shak Collection was officially launched in 2016.   

Since then, the overwhelming response to our natural, handmade products has been nothing short of amazing.  To know that my experiences allowed me to create a collection of products that can be used to help others in such a major way is truly humbling!     

My overall goal with The Sugar Shak Collection is to help promote good health and self care.  My promise to you is that our Bath, Body & Spa Essentials will always be handmade with the best ingredients we can find, and in small batches for quality assurance. 

But I must warn you, our products have been known to make your skin feel extra smooth, like a baby's bottom.  : )