Swag Subscription Terms & Conditions

Two Order Cancellation Policy

1. All Swag Boutique Product Subscriptions may be cancelled at any time, after your second order has been processed & shipped.  

If for some reason you are not pleased with the items you receive in your subscription, you may cancel after your second order is processed.    

2. Why do I have to wait until after my second order to cancel?

This policy has been established in order to prevent "coupon & discount stacking".  While our discounts are available for extra savings for our patrons, they are not meant to be misused.  Our store discount codes are available to use when you establish your subscription with us, however they are not intended to be stacked on top of the subscription discount, for the purpose of obtaining a higher discount, and then cancelling the subscription after your order has been processed.

3: I have more questions about the subscription policy in general.

If you would like more detailed information about our subscriptions, view our Subscription FAQs Here.

For more information on this policy, please email us at support@myswagclothing.com.