Subdue Your Sweet Tooth With Gymnema!

Posted by Ariel Parker on

Ever made a promise to yourself that you would eat right, get fit, and live better just to have your best intentions ruined by a glistening box of glazed doughnuts? I’d like to introduce you to Gymnema Sylvestre (JIM-nay-MUH), an ancient Miracle Fruit which has been proven to lower body weight and blood sugar, increase metabolism, and even curb sugar cravings!


Gymnema is an herb native to the tropical forests of Africa, southern and central India, and Sri Lanka. It is generally available in capsule form from most local vitamin and supplement vendors. However, it is traditionally consumed as an infusion, by adding its powdered leaves to boiling water. When it touches the tongue, Gymnema desensitizes the taste buds to sweet flavors. A mouthful of cherry Jolly Ranchers would taste about as appealing as sucking on sticky rocks! It has been effectively used in the treatment of metabolic syndrome as well as diabetes management for some time. There is a wealth of information available online and in various botanical shops about this intriguing plant.


My personal experience with Gymnema is that it certainly lives up to the claim of ruining the flavor of my favorite sweet treats, but it didn’t necessarily stop me from wanting to eat them. The plant’s sweet canceling effects fade after about an hour or two. Those chewy chocolate chip cookies were still just as tempting and delicious! Perhaps with a bit more discipline, better results could be achieved (smile). Light and love to all who read these words!




And real life!


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