You Are What You Eat

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So...last year (early spring) my sister GG was doing the JJ Smith Green Smoothie Cleanse.  I literally watched her pack each Ziploc bag with specific ingredients, number them and pop them in the freezer.  She had the book out and was following each recipe to the letter, except when it came to the recipe that included blueberries. I remember asking her why she skipped them and she said simply, "I don't like blueberries."  

So that got me to thinking...hmmm...why does it seem like a lot of the foods that are actually good for our bodies seem to be lacking in the taste department?  Now personally, if I never eat another blueberry in my life I would be just fine, but I also don't consider them to be the worst thing ever. I mean, I'll happily eat blueberries in place of drinking Apple Cider Vinegar (can you say yuck with a capital Y?)

Prior to this conversation the only thing I knew about blueberries was that they are antioxidants.  But in my mind, I knew that people all around the world were ranting and raving about this cleanse.  So if it was that great, it would stand to reason that the recipes were tried and true, and that each ingredient served a purpose for your health.  So what do I do, you guessed it - I asked my great friend GOOGLE! 

When I found out all of the great things that blueberries help to do in our bodies (promote heart health, combat aging, fight cancer, support digestion, aid in loosing weight, etc) I was completely sold!  Great right? No, not great, because then I wondered what other "healthy foods" would I have to eat?  I need to eat healthier anyway, it's just that, I love meatloaf lol.  So I said to myself, "Self, it's almost summertime.  You have spent 0 days in the gym, you need to start getting summertime fine girl."

Okay, so I decide that I'm going to do the cleanse as well, and include the blueberries! Y'all...don't laugh...but when I say I lasted a whole 3 days (the cleanse is 10 days long), I am so proud of myself! LOL.  It was like the universe was playing some weird trick on me, because the minute I had my first smoothie I was hit with the "let's go grab some food and catch up", "what are you doing tonight, I'm cooking" & "do you have an extra egg, I'm making meatloaf" text messages. Like, for real? Really universe?? Whyyyyyyyyyyy?

I said all that to say that blueberries are actually really great for you.  So if you decide to make smoothies and they include the bluest of all berries (you see what I did there lol), keep them in.  They are good for you...they help your heart...they help you stay young...and if nothing else they will help you get skinny! But don't quote me, quote google...wink wink! 

Go out and be great today, the world needs your awesomeness! 


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